The Uncommon Gradient Project is an experimental/existential exercise
exhibited exclusively without exemption and exceeding expectations.


These wacky melons don’t stay in one place for long. A taxing vintage.

due for a comeback

Decorate the domicile with the latest dated throwback design trend.


It is so hot, however, cool. So cool, yet it melts the roof of your mouth.

accessory alert

DIY? DUH! A can’t miss at the factory or local lumberyard fete.

gastro confusion

Your mouth won’t know what hit it, and then recoils at the effervescent highlight.

the ears had it

Farm fresh recording technology. Popcorn after a hot take from the band.

snack travels

Three in the morning, off the interstate to a 2 lane blacktop in a horizontal rainstorm hunger food.

fashion afoot

Some things are meant to be seen and some, to fade into the cuff.

silent sentinels

Unsung heroes and gravel rousing patriots keeping the peace. 

fun on the floor

What a crazy gathering of friends and acquaintances last night. What is that on the floor ?

lots of nothing

A curious overabundance of quantum atrophy ad-infinitum.

look out ahead

It’s happened before, it could happen again. It will happen again.

the early years

Come back with me to the 1980’s, a time of great promise and enlightenment and marvel at the glory that was The Lightspeed Desgin System Workstation. The story of the rise and fall awaits when you click the red button…

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