Rise to the level of your own mediocrity at Initech, where every day is a Monday. And we are gonna need you to come in on Saturday. And Sunday as well.

Wm. "Bill" Lumbergh

Middle Management, Initech

TPS Reports
& Cover Sheets


We want to make this as clear as possible, you must provide each task with its own cover sheet if you want your TPS reports to be filed. We will send you memos to remind you of our policy and your participation.

Make no mistake, cover sheets must accompany all TPS reports or your supervisor will pay you a visit.

And you don’t want Lumbergh on your back.

meet the players

peter gibbons

Has had enough of this shit

Bill Lumbergh

Come in on Saturday


Claims red Swingline is his


Loves the entire catalog, I guess…

Samir Nagheenanajar

Damn. He’s so gangster


Showing his “O” face

Bob Slydell

Big Bolton fan

bob porter

Looks like you have been missing work


Minimum of flair got her fired

the doc

Dr. Swanson

WOW, that’s messed up


Doing the drywall at the new McDonalds


What do you think of a person who only does the bare minimum?